Campus Access

Parent Access to Campus parent walking with child
To increase the safety of students and staff on campus, both Rocklin Academy and Ruhkala Elementary, under the direction of RUSD and RAFOS, have implemented a “closed campus” model.  As in the past, this continues to require family members to check-in at the office for late arrivals, early dismissals, general questions, and volunteering.  One change to make note of is the 2 options for drop off and pick up.
  • Option 1
    • Family members may park and walk their child to their assigned drop-off/pick-up location instead of the classroom.
      • K-3rd:  Front Lot
      • 4th-6th:  Back  Lot
  • Option 2
    • Drop off/ pick up through the traffic line of their assigned location (please review suggested routes using the link below for Traffic Guidelines).
      • Older siblings may be dropped off with younger siblings at the younger sibling’s drop off/pick up location
We are also asking that all family members exit campus as soon as they have dropped off or picked up their child(ren) from the designated drop off and pick up locations. 

Please note that parent volunteering is still welcomed and strongly encouraged! For information on volunteer requirements, please click HERE.  We appreciate your partnership in helping to maintain a safe school!