First Day of School

girl holding books, going back to school
       Welcome students and parents to the 2023-2024 school year!
August 15th
Meet the Teacher
Kindergarten - teachers will email times
1-6th grade Last Name:
A - M 9:00-9:30
N - Z 9:45-10:15
August 16th
First Day of School
Arrival Time 8:05
Start Time 8:20
** Please follow the steps below to complete the information REQUIRED before the first day of school. **
New to PowerSchool Parent Portal?
An account has been set up for you and a message was sent to the email provided upon registration. If you need assistance, please complete a request for access and allow 2 business days. 

Already have an account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal? Parents of returning students use the portal to update your child's information that we currently have on file. Log in to the parent portal and click on FORMS to begin. 
check in the boxBefore your child's first day of school, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. 
  2. Click FORMS on the left menu and complete each.
    • Permissions and Agreements. Read and review these documents with your child.
    • ESSA Complete and submit.
    • Health Information. Add or make changes to the information we have on file. 
    • Student Contacts. Review and update. Add at least one Emergency Contact if you don't already have someone listed. 
As you complete each form, you’ll be directed to the next. The last, “#4 Student Contacts” will show a status of 'Pending Approval'. The status will change to 'Approved' once the submission is confirmed. If you do not have at least one emergency contact listed, the form will be denied until one is listed.
Other important information: