Hello! My name is Marla Navarro, and I am thrilled to be working at Rocklin Academy. I began my career working for both a public school district as well as a private school; specializing in children with learning disabilities and pragmatic (social) language needs. I also worked for several years within a medical setting serving children and infants. I enjoy being part of an educational team supporting learning in a dynamic way. I love working with the children and have spent many years helping children to have clearer speech and improved language skills which in turn has increased reading, writing, and learning in the classroom and beyond. It has always been a passion of mine to provide services in a way in which children feel successful developing better speech and language skills in their everyday lives.
Additionally, my husband Steve and I have three wonderful children, ages 13, 14, and 17. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my family and friends. I must mention exercising by taking our dog, Roxy, for walks (or rather her taking ME!)
Looking forward to a great school year.