Hello! I’m  Trisha LeRoy-Smith and I am so excited to be returning to Rocklin Academy this year! My journey started with Rocklin Academy in 2011 and I am thrilled to continue my journey in the grade level I started in!


I grew up in the North Bay, in the town of San Rafael.  I received my Bachelor Degree from the University of California, San Diego, and my Masters Degree from Dominican University. Many years later, I completed my Administrative Credential.  So as you can see, I love learning and believe learning helps us prosper in many ways!  I have been teaching for 18 years! The cities of Brentwood and Lafayette are where my career began, right in the East Bay!  Then I was fortunate to go global and get a credential and teach in Loughborough, England!  I found this experience to be fantastic and made me realize the importance of our community around the globe.  I brought many philosophies and practices back with me when I moved to California! In 2011, I found Rocklin Academy and have experience in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade for this organization.  Plus my own children attended a RAFOS school so I have the full K-8 experience with the lens of a parent!!


Lincoln is where I settled with my two children.  One is in college now and the other in middle school.  In my free time, I spend it with my youngest because I have realized with one flown that kids grow up and move on very quickly.  My greatest advice to you is to treasure all moments and be involved in your child’s life by being positive, supportive, and loving! I have no regrets with the time spent with my children and will continue to love them.  When not gushing over my kids, I am cuddling with my two corgis and my cat.  Clearly we brought back our love for the English corgi! I also like walking, hiking, being with my friends and family, paddle boarding, skiing, and I am always up for trying new things!  Do you know of something fun and new going on?  Please let me know, I consider myself an adventurer and would love to check it out! 


Teaching is my passion.  This has never wavered.  This is so true that I recently made a very big decision by choosing to return to the classroom after being out supporting students, families, and staff as principal of our American River Collegiate Academy site.  I realized that I miss being in the classroom and I miss working closer to home to support my own children. I will dearly miss my Otter family but I know they have a solid foundation and are ready to rise up and do amazing things. Clearly I have a passion for our school and our entire organization so making the decision to return to the classroom to concentrate on a smaller population of children was very difficult for me.  But rest assured, your kiddos are my priority and I truly look forward to partnering with you to help them grow to their fullest potential this school year!  Now let’s have a great year! Go Eagles! It’s time to SOAR!