How to Pre-Order

All breakfast and lunches need to be 'Pre-Ordered' through the Lunch Portal. After you sign into the portal, you will be able to make your selection. If you DO NOT already have an account set up, click on Lunch Portal to create an account.
  1.  Login to the Lunch Portal
  2.  Click “Meal Pre-Order”
  3.  Click on student name
  4.  Click the desired dates
  5.  Click “Save Selection”
After completing your child's pre-order through the portal, you WILL NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION. This is due to the LunchTime software. We have suggestions to help you when you need to remember if your child has a breakfast or lunch ordered for the week. 
  1. Take a screenshot in the Lunch Portal of the days you pre-ordered. 
  2. Print out the menu for the month and mark the days you pre-ordered. 
If you have questions regarding the Lunch Portal system or want to make a suggestion to add confirmation, please contact LunchTime at 1-800-963-0780.
For details, see How to Pre-Order Guide